Social Media Marketing

We provide a comprehensive list of social media marketing plans. These plans can be geared toward targeting specific audiences covering:

• age
• location
• gender etc.

Our experienced operatives use innovative techniques to try and ensure your marketing budget is fully utilised.

All plans provide in-depth statistical analysis where available, ensuring you gain access to essential feedback to determine the performance of each campaign.


We can also provide design and creation services for your adverts to help improve brand awareness, grow your audience and deliver a more concise and effective campaign.


Social Media Retargetting

We can target and retarget successful audiences within your social media campaign to help optimise your advertising budget.

Mobile, Tablet or Desktop

Using Mobile, Tablet or Desktop advertising, social media campaigns can be geared towards specific platforms such as iOS or android, reaching the right people at the right time.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is currently the biggest social media platform in the world and enables your to reach out to people under several categories including demographics, interests, qualifications and employment amongst others.

Statistical Analysis

Full indepth statistics are provided to ensure you are able to evaluate the effectiveness of each campaign.


Using custom audiences can help make sure you only target the right people for your products or services, helping to focus your advertising spend.


Target people and their connections through social media marketing. Only reach those who like your brand or friends of those who already like you.

Cross Platform

Let us run your social media campaign across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more...

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